Il mitico base-jumper e “uomo volante” Jeb Corliss, nato il 25 marzo 1976 a Santa Fe, Nuovo Messico, USA.
Jeb è "saltato" dalla Tour Eiffel Tower, dal Seattle's Space Needle, dal cristo Redentore di Rio de Janeiro e dal Petronas Twin Towers di Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

A world premiere!! Victor, our white tailed eagle has taken of from the summit of the Eiffel Tower. An amazing point of view! For the first time you will see how Paris looks like from the back of a bird. First gliding over the Trocadero, Victor then plunges at 180 km/h to the ground!
You might also want to watch the flights over London at
You can also watch the new 2015 footage of our eagle soaring the dunes of Dubai :

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